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The Power of Privacy: Why You Don’t Have to Share Every Detail of your Law School Journey.

Not sure whether you want to share the details of your law school journey with family and friends?

It’s OK - the truth is, you don’t have to answer any questions that you don’t want to, and you don’t have to feel bad about that, either.

Here are 5 totally justifiable reasons to want to keep your business private:

1. Fear of judgment: You may be worried that friends and family will judge you based on their GPA and LSAT score, and you need your confidence right now.

2. Privacy concerns: You may feel that your academic achievements are personal and private information that you would prefer to keep to yourself. You wouldn't be alone in having that privacy concern, and if you're a student with a disability, this is an even more significant concern. Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act effectively prohibits institutions like the Law School Admissions Council from disclosing to your law schools that you tested with accommodations, there's nothing preventing friends and family from sharing this personal information with one another.

3. Avoiding pressure: Sharing GPA and LSAT scores with friends and family could lead to pressure to perform well on an upcoming exam, leading to added stress during the process.

4. Avoiding comparison: You may not want your friends and family to compare your scores to others - again, you need your confidence right now.

5. Managing expectations: You may want to avoid hearing assumptions about your likelihood of being accepted into a particular program.

Since everyone has between a 0% and 100% chance of getting into every school, and you’re working hard to build a positive mindset - you don’t need anyone raining on your optimism parade!

Cheers to mindful disclosures this application season!

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