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Professional, affordable, and results-oriented instruction from education specialists invested in your success. 

Results-driven Personalized Test Prep, Accommodations, & Admissions by Education and Legal Professionals.

We are passionately committed to solving the testing challenges of all learners and leveling the higher education playing field for students with disabilities.

Now more than ever, students and working professionals with unique learning challenges need professional, anxiety-free, and comprehensive educational support. That is why Shana Ginsburg, Esq., a Duke University-educated certified teacher and education attorney, founded Ginsburg Advanced in 2016.


Ginsburg Advanced is the only test preparation center devoted to testing accommodations support, curriculum-based learner-centered test preparation, and admissions consulting designed to support the needs of nontraditional students. We have a 100% success rate helping our students unlock their potential to transform their test day performances, and are proud to help clients across the world gain acceptance to top American graduate programs and law schools, and land jobs with their dream employers.



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Our unique 3-part formula of test mastery, expert test strategy, and advanced anxiety management technique ensures that all of our students improve their test day performance.

Each student is evaluated for accommodations eligibility.

All student study plans supervised and approved by our founder Shana Ginsburg, Esq.

Student progress and accommodations are regularly evaluated for adjustments to reflect learning challenges/ test goals/school application submission deadlines 

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My name is Shana Ginsburg, Esq., Founder and President of Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring. I received a BA in Public Policy and English, and a teaching certification, from Duke University.  I worked as a high school English teacher before attending University of Maryland School Law to study school law and trial advocacy. During my entire academic and professional career, I have tutored students who under-perform on standardized tests, helping students in the bottom and top percentiles to overcome anxiety-inducing obstacles to their test success.  I have a 100% success rate in helping eligible students receive disability accommodations, improving test scores, and increasing chances of acceptances and scholarship awards from top-tier institutions. I have helped students with disabilities gain acceptance to Harvard, Georgetown, Columbia, UNC-Chapel Hill, and other top programs across the United States. Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring combines my love of tutoring, teaching and law, and is my way of improving the test preparation industry for students who are too often shamed or ignored.
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I am Jose Daniel Juarez, a graduate of Stanford University (class of 2012) and GW Law School (class of 2016), and a licensed attorney in both D.C. and Maryland. I was primarily in private practice until transitioning to the public service in 2020. I hope to use my more regular schedule to assist aspiring law students navigate through the obstacles surrounding standardized exams such as the LSAT.  As the first person from an immigrant family to attend law school, my path to becoming an attorney was difficult as I had to learn every step without the benefit of any older mentors. However, I hope to use my own experiences to help the next generation of law students succeed by guiding them through the obstacles I once faced.
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I graduated with a BA in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017, and I am a Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring alum who scored a 177 on the LSAT and was accepted into Harvard, Yale, NYU and Georgetown for law school. I am passionate about the LSAT because of the amount I learned studying for the test, and I tutor because I understand how stressful testing can be without the right support.  In college, I volunteered in high schools in Philadelphia, leading enrichment activities in the classroom and tutoring. Since graduating, I have led classes on a variety of topics from mindfulness to advance care planning for adults, and teach whole wellness classes for middle school students. Through these experiences, I have learned to work with many different types of learners across many settings and topics, and I am excited to help you tackle the LSAT!
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I recently graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College with a BA in Economics and French. While at Amherst, I was a Staff Writer for The Amherst Student Newspaper and served as an Editor for The Amherst College Law Review. I won The Bancroft Prize for Public Speaking for presenting my honors thesis in Health Policy Economics. I also won The George S. Plimpton Fellowship for outstanding academic performance. I was accepted into multiple top law schools, and I will attend University of Southern California (USC) Gould School of Law in Fall 2022 on a merit scholarship.  I have first-hand experience navigating the complex world of LSAT preparation, testing, and law school admissions. My strengths lie in diagnosing and strategizing tutoring to help you improve in needed areas, so that you can perform your best on the LSAT. Since I recently took the LSAT, I am knowledgeable in the most recent LSAT materials. Additionally, my past experiences tutoring a wide variety of students, including students with anxiety and learning disabilities, has allowed me to provide individualized LSAT tutoring for success. I want to help you get your best score to get into your dream law school because I believe in you!
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I studied Comparative Literature at Sarah Lawrence College and graduated in 2019. I love teaching and have worked as a classroom assistant, au pair, and private tutor. Since autumn 2021, I have worked with LSAT clients across the U.S. and Canada representing a variety of life stages, educational backgrounds, and learning styles. The LSAT is learnable and consistent, and I am dedicated to helping clients develop a sense of mastery over the material. I am especially keen to address mindset and the underlying beliefs that shape our test-taking habits. I have helped many clients prepare successful personal statements for law school applications and scholarship opportunities. It is deeply rewarding to build relationships and offer support through all facets of the law school admissions process. I am so happy to be working with Ginsburg Advanced, where holistic, individualized attention is the norm.
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My name is Thomas, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Government and Near Eastern Studies from Cornell University in 2020 and with a MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy from the University of Oxford in 2021. I have the pleasure of being a Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring alumnus who scored a 172 on the LSAT and received over $1 million in scholarship offers to top law programs, including full-ride awards to UVA, Berkeley, and Northwestern. I am currently studying at the University of Virginia School of Law on a full-tuition Karsh-Dillard Scholarship with the Class of 2026. Having prepared for the LSAT by self-studying and by using one of the big-name prep courses before working with the Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring team, I have seen firsthand how Ginsburg's unique approach to LSAT preparation prioritizes learning for differently-abled students. Beyond learning content alone, working with the Ginsburg Advanced team taught me how to manage my test anxieties, establish a study plan that worked for my preferred learning styles, and pinpoint precise points of confusion that were holding up my score. The Ginsburg Advanced tutors helped me achieve an 8-point score jump on my own LSAT and develop a sense of mastery over the material that I hadn't had before; I look forward to helping you master the LSAT and put your best foot forward on your own law school applications!
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I grew up in the three thousand-person town of Eufaula, Oklahoma where I developed plenty of pent up energy to explore the world and learn how to develop communities like the one I grew up in. I went on to study International Development and Music at the University of Tulsa, during which I studied across South Korea, Australia, South Africa, and Spain. I’ve worked a wider range of jobs than most people including as a Sonic Drive-In Carhop, a rural landscaper, a Jazz Singer, a Spanish interpreter, a street performer, and even as a substitute teacher in Philadelphia (yes, it’s just like Abbott Elementary). In my free time, I love to practice art and music in my free time as well as learn languages. I know advanced Mandarin, conversational Sign Language, and fluent Spanish. Nowadays I’m continuing my education with graduate studies in Community Development at Temple University and a Certificate in Neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania, while I prepare to start law school in the fall of 2024. I received a 174 on my LSAT in the fall of 2022 and have been working as a tutor ever since then! As an LSAT tutor, I use my cultural and mental expertise to create the most accommodating experience possible, my interpreting experience to translate the difficult content of the LSAT into an easily understandable format, and my artistic experience to keep things interesting. I’m still trying to figure out how to incorporate the landscaping though...
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I graduated with a BA in Public Policy and African, African American, and Diaspora Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill and received two Certificates in Prison Studies and Human Rights from Duke University in 2021. I am a Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring alum who scored a 170 on the LSAT. I am passionate about the LSAT because studying for the test taught me a lot about myself and how to tackle stressful and anxiety-inducing challenges in life. Further, critical in raising my score by 15+ points were learning strategies and solutions for combatting my testing anxiety and receiving effective LSAT instruction. As an LSAT tutor, I want to bring that same effective guidance and empowerment to students hoping to achieve their dream LSAT scores. In college, I worked at the intersection of education and racial justice, interning for organizations such as the ACLU and Bronx Defenders. I’m passionate about racial equity and using our legal and public education systems to achieve it. I’ve taught middle and high school students in Sunflower County, MS, and third graders in Washington, DC. While in college, I also served as a college advisor, helping high school students apply to college over. During my experiences supporting various learners, I’ve leaned on mindfulness and meditation techniques to ground my students in reaching their goals.
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I am currently a third-year law student at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, where I receive the full tuition plus stipend Ethos of Excellence Scholarship. Before law school, I attended the University of Massachusetts Boston and then transferred to Bethel University, where I graduated in 2021. I majored in English and was a student-athlete in tennis. I studied for the LSAT for a whole year and took it twice – eventually scoring a 170. As a recently diagnosed ADHD-er, I know how hard the LSAT and law school can be for those living in a world that’s not made for them. I’ve served as a Legal Writing Teaching Assistant and am currently a Senior Research Editor for the Florida Journal of International Law because I want to use my experiences to help other law students navigate the process. I also plan to be a law school professor because I’m passionate about moving law schools in a more inclusive direction.
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My name is Beatriz Canals and I graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown University in 2023 with a major in Women’s and Gender Studies and minors in Government and History. I completed the LSAT Boss masterclass and scored a 169 on the LSAT, and I’m currently in the midst of applying to law school, with plans to begin in the fall of 2024. As someone who recently took the LSAT, I comprehend firsthand the rigors and challenges that students face when preparing for this exam. Most importantly, I recognize the strategies and methodologies crucial for overcoming these obstacles and achieving great results. Being from San Juan, Puerto Rico, I am fully bilingual in both Spanish and English, so I am also eager to help any students who would feel more comfortable speaking and learning in Spanish. I understand how comforting it can be to communicate in your native tongue and I aspire to support students who learn best in Spanish! Whether it be in Spanish or in English, I am eager to help you tackle the LSAT and achieve your target score!
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