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Admissions, Academic Tutoring, LSAT


My name is Beatriz Canals and I graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown University in 2023 with a major in Women’s and Gender Studies and minors in Government and History. I completed the LSAT Boss masterclass and scored a 169 on the LSAT, and I’m currently in the midst of applying to law school, with plans to begin in the fall of 2024. As someone who recently took the LSAT, I comprehend firsthand the rigors and challenges that students face when preparing for this exam. Most importantly, I recognize the strategies and methodologies crucial for overcoming these obstacles and achieving great results.

Being from San Juan, Puerto Rico, I am fully bilingual in both Spanish and English, so I am also eager to help any students who would feel more comfortable speaking and learning in Spanish. I understand how comforting it can be to communicate in your native tongue and I aspire to support students who learn best in Spanish! Whether it be in Spanish or in English, I am eager to help you tackle the LSAT and achieve your target score!

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