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Accessible support and virtual
classes for today's student


Law School Tutoring for the Anything-but-Average Student

Level the playing field by optimizing your law school notetaking, studying, and exam preparation skills.


What we offer: 

  • Study planning tools to manage your time, complete your class assignments, and prepare for your exams along the way

  • Skill development in your core 1L legal skills:

    • Reading cases

    • Annotating cases

    • Briefing cases

    • Outlining course material for exam studying

    • Writing exams

  • Guidance on applying for law school accommodations

Best Practices in Learning to Provide Optimal Academic Support 

Access personalized tutoring sessions designed to address your learning challenges and needs.


Our personalized lessons in time management, legal writing and exam prep utilize proven tools developed by neuropsychiatrists to ensure you're not just doing the bare minimum - you're previewing your material, learning how to attack exam questions, and work towards the ultimate goal of overlearning.  Designed for students with neurodivergence and test anxiety, we only use best practices that are proven to help you compete for the highest grades in your class on exam day. 

Learn from Our Team of Certified Teachers, Attorneys,

and T-14 Law Students: 


Shana Ginsburg, Esq.

Founder & CEO

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Jose Juarez, Esq.

Licensed Attorney

Shelby Parent_edited.png

Shelby Parent

Florida Law School '24

IMG_0218 (1)_edited_edited.png

Trudel Pare

Yale Law School '26

tutor pricing

Tutoring Plans
We recommend meeting once a week with a tutor until you see the results you deserve.


Study with an experienced tutor to  master essential law school study skills, learn fundamental concepts, and improve your legal writing. 


$150/ hr


5 hrs:    $725

10 hrs:  $1390 


Study with our Founder, Shanna Ginsburg, Esq., to evaluate your law school challenges and develop new analytical and time management tools to test at your best.


$350/ hr


5 hrs:    $1625

10 hrs:  $3000

Ready to get started?

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