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Law School Admissions Services

Prepare stand-out applications to the right law programs for you with expert, individualized consultation and our unique & results-driven application process. We ensure that you present yourself confidently to admissions and are proud of what you deliver. 

Law School Admissions: Resources and Tips

Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring
Law School Admissions Services

Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring offers custom admissions programs designed specifically for nontraditional students seeking comprehensive, expert advice on completing law school applications and optimizing scholarship awards. 

Care and Attention to Putting Your Best Foot Forward Every Time

Our program stands out for the care we put in our student's journey, with an emphasis on showcasing uniqueness. We strive to teach students to look at every aspect of the application process to ensure a strong and distinct application.

Expert Guidance from Successful Legal Writing Professionals

Our expert advisors have over 20 years of experience getting people into top law school programs - and getting into top programs themselves. Our advisors have all taken the LSAT and gone through law school application journey with us, so they are prepared to provide our results-driven approach alongside personal experience and personalized advice. Get ready to craft unique essays while tracking and completing all aspects of the law school application process. 


Thorough, Customized Approach 

We take a thorough approach to ensure a good investment, including consideration of bar requirements and employment potential after law school to make sure you're selecting the right schools for you and your career.

Scholarship Award Focus

We'll teach you how to calculate anticipated scholarship award money and apply to outside scholarships to maximize your financial support.  


Zachari C.
Harvard Law '26

Imagine having a coach, one of the most skilled and intuitive learning specialists on the planet, not only demystifying the challenge before you but equipping you with customized tools to optimize your brain power. Now add a marching band loud enough to drown out any discouraging influence and a cheering section to celebrate your game-winning victory. That is Ginsburg Advanced and Shana Ginsburg in a nutshell. I worked 1-on-1 with Shana from the moment I knew I had some challenges standing in the way of my ambitious academic and professional goals until I had gone way beyond that initial goal and my wildest dreams. I chose to go back to school and make a major career pivot which required me to better understand myself and my own needs for academic support and work-life balance through the transition. If you are reading this, you can do it! And I would highly recommend you do it with help from Ginsburg Advanced.

Maria V.
George Washington Law '26

Shana knows admissions like the back of her hand, wants to see you succeed and will use everything in her arsenal to get you there as she did with me. Beyond her genuine and pure motivations, Shana is sharp, a critical, rational and logical thinker whose verbal and writing prowess are so innate that being under her tutelage influences the same in you. She understands that we all have the capacity to think logically and critically and teaches you the tools to court the same skills from you. It is truly mesmerizing to watch her work and watch oneself grow along the way.

How Our Program Works

Pay by the hour, or purchase a package of 5 or 10 hours

Victoria M.
Notre Dame Law '26

My application was the definition of putting my best foot forward- Shana & Ginsburg Advanced settles for nothing less. As someone who has no family experience with higher education I truly could not have gotten into the schools - and gotten the scholarship awards I did -  I without Shana's help. Shana never told me a school was a silly dream or sold me on unrealistic goals. We set goals- hit them- and did even better than imagined. Shana never made me feel insecure or silly and always knew how to encourage me to do my best.  I've never had a teacher truly teach me everything I need and help make a toolbox that was actually beneficial until I started working with Shana. No clue where I would be without committing to Shana and her company's methods. Thank you for everything!

  • Meet Weekly with Your Ginsburg admissions consultant: Get guidance on selecting the right schools for your, requesting letters of recommendation, optimizing your resume, and preparing and editing all required and supplemental law school application essays. We'll be sure to help you prepare GPA and LSAT addenda and character and fitness issues with honesty and integrity.

  • Access your Personalized Law School Application Tracker: Gain access to Ginsburg's proprietary  Law School application tracker to stay on top of application deadlines, assess chances of acceptance, and anticipate scholarship awards. 

  • Develop Your Admissions Essays with our Good, Bad, and Ugly Brainstorm: Engage in our proprietary brainstorm techniques to help you identify unique topics for all law school application statements 

  • Thorough Editing & Proofreading - You’ll receive editing support from our experts to help you optimize your all of your application materials

Admissions Consulting With Shana

Get support from our founder, an admissions expert with 20 years of experience


Admissions Consulting with a Premier Instructor

Get support from one of our experienced Premier Instructor, trained by Shana herself to ensure consistency and quality


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