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Law School Admissions: Resources and Tips


Find the right college or graduate-level program for you with expert, individualized consultation and a sophisticated application process. We ensure that you present yourself holistically and confidently to admissions. 

Admissions Consulting
with Shana Ginsburg, Esq. 

Ginsburg admissions consulting begins by identifying dream, target and safety schools through an analysis of school-specific admissions and employment outcome data.


We then begin to brainstorm your inspiration and drive for higher education-- the good, bad, and ugly that often compels us to specialize in a particular field, attend a dream school, or advocate for change and social justice.  Often, our own family can be the source of inspiration, but we lack the voice and confidence to articulate those thoughts without expert guidance. Our approach to essay and personal statement development ensures that the right questions are asked of you, and answered, in a unique brainstorm that serves as the foundation for all of your application essay requirements. 

We ensure you’ll have a statement or essay targeted to each school's requirements, optimized to help access high scholarship awards. 

Our consulting packages include:

  • A copy of Shana Ginsburg's "How to Write a Unique Personal Statement" (eBook)

  • Dream School and "Best Fit" School selection 

  • Personal Statements/Essay development and editing for each school

  • Diversity statement development and editing

  • School-specific Essay Development [AKA "Why Us" Essays] 

  • Resume editing 

  • Character & Fitness Statements

  • Application deadline management 

  • Scholarship negotiation 

  • Wait-list decision making & admissions updating

  • Interview Preparation 


Success Stories

This is Ginsburg alum Stephen C.'s Introductory Paragraph to his Personal Statement. Stephen now attends University of North Carolina School of Law

"I had dreamt of higher education long before I started middle school. My grandfather, who I deeply admired, was an incredibly wise man, someone who embraced the concept that working hard was a necessary element of success. He believed in fairness and integrity, and I attribute my desire to grow intellectually, my work ethic, and my commitment to developing a strong character to him. A Vietnam War veteran who pursued his degree through with government assistance, he taught me the value of education. He instilled in me the idea that I could make a difference in my community while simultaneously fulfilling my dreams."

Success Stories

This is Ginsburg alum Caroline M.'s Introductory Paragraph to her Diversity Statement. Caroline now attends Case Western Reserve School of Law, where serves as senior editor of the Case Western Law Review

  “I’m surprised your daughter will eat kibbie,” a young Arabic man said to my mom while glaring with confusion in my direction, noticing my lighter skin. I often hear presumptions such as this one from Arabic people, because I am so light-skinned that I “pass” as only a white American woman. I can count experiences that make me feel as if I do not belong at my dinner table, as if I am not welcome to eat the Middle Eastern food and dance to the music I have grown up with because I have light skin and cannot speak Arabic. But I am Syrian-American, raised in the suburbs of Ohio, and I happen to love kibbie. 


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Reviews for Writing a Unique Personal Statement: 


"I applied to many different law schools for the 2016-2017 school year and was unfortunately not accepted into any of them. This year I was accepted into four schools with over $7,500 worth of scholarship offers and I owe it all to Shana and my new personal statement!"

-- Jessica C., NCCU Law


"Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring is probably the reason I got into law school. I had such a hard time getting my LSAT grades up and Shana helped me write an amazing personal statement that would wow the admissions board. It did just that and now I'll be starting law school in the fall. Thanks Shana! You're amazing!"

-- Amit Roitman, University of Maryland Carey School of Law graduate, where she served as Managing Editor of the Maryland Journal of International Law.

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