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Student Registration Form

Please take the time to read and complete the following form. This form contains questions about your education and testing history to ensure that we can address all of your testing challenges and prepare a study plan that best meets your learning needs. Note that we provide 10% off all services for military and fee waiver students. 

Student Education & Testing History

Most of our students have tried traditional test preparation programs without success, or have self-studied before working with us. Tell us a little about your journey to date, and we'll recommend a results-oriented study plan designed for your learning style and test goals.

New or Returning Student?
I am interested in the following Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring services:

Test Anxiety Diagnostic

Some anxiety is normal- it protects your body from physical threat. But when you experience too much anxiety, it can lead to emotional or physical distress on test day, and students with the highest test anxiety can perform 12% lower than their low-anxiety peers. Look at the list below and select any of the symptoms of test anxiety you experience when taking or preparing to take a standardized test:


Check all that apply during standardized tests:

Terms & Conditions

  • Tutoring, admissions and accommodations appointments are all subject to a 24-hr late cancellation fee.

  • LSAT BOSS Live Class purchases include free annual membership to the LSAT Boss video on demand Masterclass and digital textbooks. 

  • Payment Plans are available for all classes, and tutoring and admissions packages. 

  • Fee waiver and military students receive 10% off all class and services.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your information! We will contact you shortly to complete your enrollment.

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