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LSAT, Academic Tutoring


I graduated with a BA in Public Policy and African, African American, and Diaspora Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill and received two Certificates in Prison Studies and Human Rights from Duke University in 2021. I am a Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring alum who scored a 170 on the LSAT. I am passionate about the LSAT because studying for the test taught me a lot about myself and how to tackle stressful and anxiety-inducing challenges in life. Further, critical in raising my score by 15+ points were learning strategies and solutions for combatting my testing anxiety and receiving effective LSAT instruction. As an LSAT tutor, I want to bring that same effective guidance and empowerment to students hoping to achieve their dream LSAT scores.

In college, I worked at the intersection of education and racial justice, interning for organizations such as the ACLU and Bronx Defenders. I’m passionate about racial equity and using our legal and public education systems to achieve it. I’ve taught middle and high school students in Sunflower County, MS, and third graders in Washington, DC. While in college, I also served as a college advisor, helping high school students apply to college over. During my experiences supporting various learners, I’ve leaned on mindfulness and meditation techniques to ground my students in reaching their goals.

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