Should I take the GRE or the LSAT if I have ADHD? Take our quiz.

Students with ADHD are faced with a big decision when heading to graduate school: Which graduate entrance exam is best for me? Personally, I love the LSAT and prefer it to all other standardized tests: It's the perfect balance of logical and reading skills, and performing well on it is a great signal that you'll be a successful law student. However, a growing number of schools are accepting the GRE, and with that, interest in the GRE has increased.

To determine the answer to this question, you will need to consider a number of different factors, because this is not an easy decision, and these tests vary in some significant ways.

Let's take a look:

1. Do you have strong math skills?

Yes No

If "Yes", you may like the GRE. The GRE has a "Quantitative Reasoning" section, which includes number theory, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry questions, but the LSAT does not.

2. Do you have strong process of elimination skills?

Yes No

If "No," you may not be a fan of the GRE Verbal Reasoning section. The GRE Verbal Reasoning section contains questions that require you to select multiple correct answers, or answer a question's three subparts correctly in order to pick up just one point. Oy.

3. Do you have a strong vocabulary?

Yes No

If "Yes," then the GRE is a great way to show off those vocabulary skills, especially if you have studied Latin and Greek roots and are good at identifying etymological elements of multi-syllabic words.

4. If you need Testing Accommodations, have you had them in school before?

Yes No

If "Yes", then the process for getting accommodations for both exams is easier - your request can be substantiated ,in part, by the paperwork from your school's disability services. But for late diagnoses, it's significantly easier to get accommodated on the LSAT than on the GRE. If you need assistance with the accommodations process, schedule a free consult with me here.

5. Are you sure that you're going to graduate school, but you are considering programs other than law programs?

Yes No

If "Yes", then while the LSAT might be an easier test for you, your graduate program may require the GRE, and then you're stuck with it. That's OK, just stay focused on your weaknesses and optimize your process of elimination strategy, no matter how difficult it may be. :)

Analyze your Score:

0-1 Yes: The LSAT may be better suited for your strengths. Why not try a practice test, or watch our free Introduction to the LSAT video at our website, and see what you think of the material? You can also check out the earliest episodes of