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Now more than ever, students and working professionals with unique learning challenges need professional, anxiety-free, and comprehensive graduate school test preparation. That is why Shana Ginsburg, Esq., a Duke University and University of Maryland educated certified teacher and education attorney, founded Ginsburg Advanced in 2016. Ginsburg Advanced is the only graduate-level test preparation center devoted to testing accommodations support, curriculum-based learner-centered test preparation, and graduate admissions designed to increase acceptances and scholarship awards.  We have a 100% success rate in all of our graduate level services, and are proud to help clients across the world gain acceptance to the top American graduate programs and law schools.

We are passionately committed to solving the testing challenges of all learners, and leveling the higher education playing field for students with disabilities.  Our three part formula of test mastery, expert test strategy, and advanced anxiety management technique ensures that all of our students improve their test day performance. 

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Test Prep & Tutoring

Our learner-centered, curriculum-based tutoring is designed by certified teachers and attorneys and ensures that all of our students learn at their pace and test when they're ready. We only offer 1:1 tutoring, with supplemental video on-demand support and carefully designed homework, because that's how we ensure your success. 

GED®  - SAT® /ACT®  - LSAT®  - GRE®  - GMAT®  - ASVAB®  -  CAST®   - PRAXIS®  Core and II


School Admission Applications

We assist students with all aspects of the college application process to top-tier institutions to ensure optimization of acceptance and scholarship opportunities. 

Personal statements - Diversity Statements -Character & Fitness Statements - College Selection Process -  Application Deadline Management


Disability Accommodations

Our comprehensive service includes identifying reasonable accommodations, preparation of your accommodations paperwork for submission to LSAC® , ETS®, or College Board® , and instruction to your qualified professional for diagnostic and documentation requirements.

ADD/ADHD - PCS -TBI - Dyslexia - Dyscalculia - Bipolar Disorder - Generalized Anxiety - Depression - Autism Spectrum - Vision Issues - Physical Disabilities -Pregnancy/Nursing

How We Work

​We start with a unique initial test-anxiety diagnostic.

Our individualized programs begin with a review of your test goals, past performances, and test anxiety symptoms. Then, we develop a study plan that ensures we can support you, in and out of your classroom, up until test day.

We get you real results through our anxiety-free, learner-centered curriculum, that moves at your pace.

Our students come to us because they've tried group classes or tutoring programs that don't target their weaknesses or allow them to learn at their own pace. Our flexible programs were designed to be responsive to those student concerns. Our study guides were made by and for our highest-performing students. 

​We specialize in accommodating students with test anxiety, learning disabilities, or multiple test failures. 

Failure and fear can be traumatic. But that's where our hard work begins. We are here to accommodate and support your learning challenges and help you submit the necessary paperwork for disability accommodations to your testing provider.

We are strategy-driven, certified teaching and legal professionals.
We utilize best practices developed by special educators and disability experts to bring you the most effective study guides and testing strategies for your learning style. 

Success Stories

Our students average 13-Point LSAT score gains.

Shana's programs are structured properly according to how the human mind learns. My LSAT score improved 20 points. I cannot speak highly enough of this service.

Alan M., LSAT student

My son got a 1510 on his Oct. 6 SAT. He got one total wrong on the math section (780). He said he was a lot less nervous the second time and he's very happy with the score. I'll be in touch next summer when it's my daughter's turn.

Kathleen, SAT parent

It is not an exaggeration to say that Shana changed my life- in large part due to the work she did, my LSAT score increased by 13 points, putting me in range for my dream schools. I would recommend Shana to anyone taking the LSAT, or other standardized tests!

Trudel P., 177 LSAT score

This is the most knowledgeable and patient group of tutors out there. As an immigrant to the United States with little formal schooling, I felt lost. I had little confidence in the idea of passing the GED. Ginsburg Advanced tutoring helped me tremendously, and I received the one-on-one attention I needed, and gained the confidence to pass my GED.


Trisna C., GED student

I worked with Shana to study for PRAXIS core writing and reading in 2017. I speak English as a second language, and it has been only few years I started learning and speaking English. When I first met her, I was not able to write a one-page essay, but within a few months of training with her, I was able to pass the Praxis Core writing test. Studying with her was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. 


- Hwieun, Praxis student

After deciding to take the LSAT again, I was thrilled to be learning with Shana. She understands how to process your means of thinking through a problem, and she is experienced in explaining how to adjust to learn through your best method. She supported my whole approach to learning, not for just a one-time test, and I am very grateful for the guidance she has provided me. 

Caroline M., LSAT student



We offer virtual tutoring worldwide. In-person tutoring is currently unavailable due to COVID-19. 

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