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LSAT BOSS: Reading Comprehension

LSAT BOSS: Reading Comprehension

This book exclusively covers the Reading Comprehension section of the LSAT: 26 to 28 questions crafted to assess your ability to read, process, and analyze multi-paragraph passages. Every Reading Comprehension section contains four discrete passages that explore a diverse set of topics, from history and astronomy to literature and the law. One trait these passages share, though, is that they present dense, often complicated information that demands efficient and confident reading.


Like Logical Reasoning, the questions presented on the Reading Comprehension section will test your ability to engage with and ultimately comprehend arguments. Unlike LR, though, the lengthy excerpts of RC require a high degree of recall and synthesis skills. As a result, students with test anxiety and other disabilities often feel intimidated or frozen when it comes to achieving mastery before test day. To make matters worse, there is a common misconception that Reading Comprehension is the “least learnable” section of the LSAT, and that significant improvements to performance are unlikely. I know that this is a misconception because, in my years as an LSAT instructor and curriculum developer, I have helped countless students–many of whom once felt frustrated or even hopeless about RC– develop the skills and confidence needed to tackle this notoriously difficult section of the LSAT,


This book is intended to empower all students to achieve their dream scores. The lessons that follow will methodically walk you through the Ginsburg methodology for Reading Comprehension, an approach that is the product of more than 8,000 hours of one-on-one LSAT tutoring, spent largely with students navigating test anxiety and disabilities. While the backgrounds, strengths, and goals of these test-takers varied, most had struggled with a common obstacle: the lack of graduate-level exam preparation resources designed specifically for students with disabilities. This book is intended to level the playing field;helping unique learners develop a mastery of the skills and competencies assessed by the Reading Comprehension section, the mindfulness to study in a healthy manner, and the confidence to excel on test day.

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