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LSAT BOSS: Logical Reasoning

LSAT BOSS: Logical Reasoning

This book exclusively covers the Logical Reasoning section: 25 to 26 questions are crafted to assess your ability to comprehend and engage with arguments. Each question requires you to analyze a “stimulus,” which is a short argument or set of facts, and then answer one of twelve types of questions about that argument’s reasoning, structure, and parts. To perform at your best on this section, and on the LSAT as a whole, you will need to master the test strategies for each of these question types. And to master these strategies, you will need to learn to study effectively and strategically.


The chapters that follow will help you do just that, introducing you to the Ginsburg methodology for Logical Reasoning. This approach is the product of more than 4,000 hours of one-on-one LSAT tutoring, spent largely with students navigating test anxiety and disabilities. While the backgrounds, strengths, and goals of these test-takers varied, most had struggled with a common obstacle: the lack of graduate-level exam preparation resources designed specifically for students with disabilities. This book is intended to level the playing field, helping unique learners develop a mastery of the skills and competencies assessed by the Logical Reasoning section, the mindfulness to study in a healthy manner, and the confidence to excel on test day.

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