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The Top 10 ABA-Accredited Online Law Programs

Introducing Ginsburg’s rankings for the top 10 online law school programs! We couldn’t find rankings that didn’t include Masters programs (not JD) or programs not accredited by the ABA (like Purdue). So we developed our own ranking that would help us answer the question:

What are the toughest online law schools to get into?

All of the programs that made our list are ABA accredited, and all have either a hybrid or fully online PT or FT JD program, making them great options for our nontraditional students looking for good online programming.

Embracing Flexibility in Legal Education: The Rise of Online Law Programs

In recent years, online education has seen substantial growth across various disciplines, with law being no exception. Recognizing the need for flexibility, many prestigious law schools have developed programs that allow students to earn their degrees remotely, without compromising the quality of their education.

ABA Accreditation: The Gold Standard

Program accreditation by the ABA ensures that law schools meet strict standards for providing a high-quality legal education. This accreditation is crucial for graduates who wish to sit for the bar exam and practice law professionally.

A Closer Look at the Ten Best Online Law Programs

1. Northeastern University

Embrace a rigorous yet flexible legal curriculum designed to equip you with the skills needed in today's legal landscape. Northeastern stood out from the pack at a 165 on the 2023 ABA 509 disclosures of 75th percentile LSAT scores.

2. Loyola University Chicago

Prepare for your law career with a program that combines tradition with modern instructional techniques. Loyola follows closely behind Northeastern with an LSAT score of 162.

3. Seattle Law

Participate in an innovative and interactive online learning environment perfect for aspiring legal professionals.

4. Syracuse University

Syracuse boasts a comprehensive law curriculum tailored for the digital age and accessible worldwide.

5. University of Dayton

Dayton offers a blend of online learning and on-campus experiences to craft a well-rounded legal education.

6. University of Hawai'i

Study law with a unique perspective focused on issues relevant to the Pacific Rim and beyond. Hawaii had just 26 PT students enroll in JD Flex last year.

7. St. Mary's University (Texas)

Discover a student-centered approach to legal education that thrives within an online format.

8. Cleveland State University

Cleveland State's program stands out for its commitment to providing an accessible and proficient legal education online. Keep an eye on Cleveland State for their Global Space Law program.

9. New Hampshire School of Law

Uncover innovative legal programs that prioritize flexible learning without sacrificing academic rigor.

10. Southwestern Law

Experience a cutting-edge online education based in Los Angeles grounded in a deep understanding of the law. 2-year accelerated programs are available as well.

The Future of Legal Education

The accessibility of online legal programs signals a shift towards a more inclusive and adaptable approach to legal education. By choosing one of these top online law programs, students can balance their personal and professional commitments while pursuing their passion for the law.

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