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Supporting your child's learning needs during COVID-19

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Dear Parent,

The Coronavirus and the risks of contracting COVID-19 have imposed new and stressful expectations on all of us. Suddenly, K-12 students are home indefinitely, and parents of children with special needs are struggling to deliver parent-guided education. Daily routines have come to a halt. New routines need to be developed. It’s hard for anyone to focus on work.

My clients are no strangers to making adjustments to their processes that can make them more efficient in high-pressure situations. That’s what we do in our sessions.

But with our high school students stuck at home, and our client-parents taking graduate level or certification exams now struggling to home-school their children with special learning challenges, it’s hard for anyone to find quiet time to study for exams. And it’s harder if you have ADD or ADHD.

But, viewing this pandemic as just another high-pressure test is something we can worth with... it means we can learn ways to perform at our best. Together. Like a brave new IEP team! (If you’re up on the special education jargon, you’ll get that. I’ll clarify it later.)

We don’t know how long classrooms will be virtual and parents will be working from home, so I’ve decided to develop a webinar series to help manage the challenges of this new stressful home-school environment for the parents of children with learning challenges. Because we all work better with less anxiety.

At Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring, we have plenty of experience with distance learning, especially when it comes to supporting students with special needs. We work with students with learning, psychological, vision, and physical disabilities who often have or need disability accommodations at school to support their classroom functioning.

Now more than ever, we know that students and parents need to be equipped with the tools and resources to provide stress-free support at home.

For parents suddenly working from home and feeling ill-equipped to support your child’s learning needs, we have developed a 4-part webinar series just for you:

In Class 1, I’ll be joined by special education teacher Katelyn Kale to teach you how to read and understand your child’s Individualized Education Plan (the IEP!) , 504 Plan, or private school action plan, and discuss the feasibility of accessing your child’s services during the pandemic. We’ll also bring you the latest legal news related to special education services in Maryland, including Montgomery County’s status on rescheduling IEP meetings.

In classes 2-4, we will discuss best practices to support your child while related services are on hold in the school system. You’ll learn what words to say— and what words not to say— while juggling your own work (and expectations) and your child‘s new at-home learning environment. You’ll also learn about the importance and difficulties of transitioning between assignments, and how you can help your child stay on track. Finally, you’ll get a toolbox of techniques for managing the home-school day, including meditation and breathing exercises, and time/space management techniques.

Join us for our first class absolutely free! We’ll be bringing you a live webinar on Zoom on Tuesday April 22, 2020 at 6:30pm EDT.

You can register for Class 1 for free by clicking this link:

There, you can also find the full course syllabus and what topics we‘ll be addressing and in which classes.

Be well, eat well, sleep well, especially in stressful times. I’ll see you at class on Tuesday!


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