Why You Should Apply for LSAT Accommodations (if you're eligible)

Updated: Apr 13

Many students with cognitive, mental, and physical disabilities become symptomatic during their exams.  They complain about physical pain, unnerving anxiety, and lack of focus that takes their time and attention away from their exam.  In cases where a student's ability to function during the exam is limited due to disability, the LSAC is committed, by law, to ensure accommodated access to the LSAT exam. In fact, the following commitment appears at the LSAC website:

“LSAC is committed to ensuring access to the LSAT by providing appropriate accommodation for test takers with documented disabilities. We strive to make accommodation decisions consistent with our legal obligations.”

So, if accommodations are available for you, do not hesitate to take the steps to access them.  Below is an easy step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Step 1: Determine the Category of Your Request

The accommodation alternatives available to you are based on two factors:

  • The accommodation(s) you request and/or

  • The nature of your disability

Accommodation requests are then categorized based on those factors. Let’s take a look at the three categories of requests:

Category #1: LSAT Accommodation Request Based Only on Prior Accommodations on Certain Standardized Admission Tests

You may be eligible for LSAT accommodation(s) based on your history of prior accommodation(s) on certain other standardized admission tests, especially if your prior accommodation was in the form of extended time, provided you meet all of the eligibility criteria. If you meet ALL of the eligibility criteria for this alternative, the following documentation is required:

Candidate Form (PDF)

Verification of Prior Accommodation from test sponsor

If you are requesting an accommodation on the LSAT that does not involve extended test time, the following documentation is required:

Candidate Form (PDF) Evidence of Disability (PDF) Statement of Need for Accommodation (PDF)

Category #2: No Severe Visual Impairment & Up to 50% Extended Time OR Visual Impairment & Up to 100% Extended Time

If you do not have a severe visual impairment and you are requesting up to 50% extended time, or if you have a visual impairment which requires taking the test in an alternative format and you are requesting up to 100% extra time, the following documentation is required:

Candidate Form (PDF) Evidence of Disability (PDF) Statement of Need for Accommodation (PDF)

Category #3: No Severe Visual Impairment & More Than 50% Extended Time OR Severe Visual Impairment & More Than to 100% Extended Time

If you do not have a severe visual impairment and you are requesting more than 50% extended time, or if you have a severe visual impairment which requires taking the test in an alternative format and you are requesting more than 100% extended time, the following documentation is required:

Candidate Form (PDF) Evidence of Disability (PDF) Statement of Need for Accommodation (PDF)

Step 2: Fill Out the Forms for Your Category

This is not an easy step.  The three-part application is time-consuming and exhaustive. It requires you to speak with your doctor, access documentation of your disability, provide 5 pages of personal information, and a statement from both you and a qualified professional about your functional limitation on test day.  If this step is daunting for you, that's understandable-- it is for a lot of test takers.  If you need help moving through the process, go here to schedule a consult with our accommodations team

Step 3: Register for the LSAT

You must be registered for the LSAT in order to register for accommodations. You may register for the LSAT onlineby phone, or by submitting a paper registration form, which can be obtained by calling 215.968.1001.

NOTE: Your request for accommodation will not be processed until you are registered to take the test.

It is your responsibility to obtain and submit all required forms and documentation by the receipt deadlines listed on the LSAT Registration Dates & Deadlines page. All forms should be filled out online, printed, and signed (where applicable) before they are mailed, faxed, or emailed to LSAC. All required documentation should be typed.

Step 4: Wait for your accommodation decision

LSAC will generally respond to your request for testing accommodation within 14 business days of its receipt. If your request is not approved in full, a decision letter will be posted to your online account that explains the rationale for LSAC’s decision.

Step 5: Consider an appeal

You will have 24 hours after the decision letter is posted to your online account to notify LSAC that you intend to appeal. You will have four calendar days after the letter is posted to your online account to submit your appeal to LSAC. The result of the appeal will be provided within one week of the submission of the appeal.

LSAC, “encourages you to register and submit all required documentation well in advance of registration deadlines so that you can receive timely notification of our decision.”

This reminder will allow you to carefully plan and prepare for the test, or if need be, an appeal. If you choose to register during the late registration period, your ability to appeal any denial of test accommodation in time for your test date may be affected.

Note that LSAC reserves the right to make the final judgment regarding testing accommodations.

Step 6: Register with your accommodation if it is granted

LSAC states on their website that they “will make arrangements with the test center and send both you and the test center supervisor confirmation of the accommodation granted.” Note that some test centers may be unable to provide certain types of accommodation.  Because of that, LSAC strongly recommends that you register early to allow sufficient time for alternate arrangements, if necessary.

Step 7: Familiarize yourself with your test center

Familiarize yourself with your test center, and determine whether or not you need to change it. LSAC cannot guarantee that you will test at the center for which you hold an admission ticket. Additionally, your test may be scheduled for an alternative, later date.  You must notify Accommodated Testing if you change your test center location. This notification must be received in writing by the applicable test registration deadline.

Important Facts You Should Know Before Applying:

If you need a modification of any of the policies related to the administration of the test due to a disability, you MUST seek an accommodation. You may not make unauthorized changes to approved accommodations, the test center location, the test date and time, or to other test conditions made by test center personnel. Doing so may result in the invalidation of your test score.Test takers with similar accommodations may be tested in the same room. LSAC does not annotate the score reports of individuals with disabilities who take the LSAT with testing accommodations, including the testing accommodation of extended time, so the schools you apply to will not know that you took the test with accommodations. All accommodated scores are reported in the same manner as non-accommodated scores.If you wish to take the LSAT again or transfer your registration to another date, you must submit another written request for accommodation by the deadline associated with your registration for that administration of the test.If your request for accommodations is denied, unable to be processed, or late, you will remain registered to test under standard conditions.

Contact Information for Accommodated LSAT Testing

Email: accom@LSAC.org Phone: 215.968.1001 Fax: 215.504.1420

US mailing address:

LSAC Accommodated Testing PO BOX 8512 Newtown PA 18940-8512 USA

Courier address:

LSAC Accommodated Testing 662 Penn Street Newtown PA 18940-0995 USA

Accommodated Testing Complaints

Email: accommodationcomplaints@LSAC.org

Please Note:

Complaint emails sent to accommodationcomplaints@LSAC.org must include the candidate’s LSAC account number in the subject line.A copy of any complaints sent by mail or fax must also be sent by email to accommodationcomplaints@LSAC.org.

It may be daunting to complete the paperwork on your own, but our accommodations team is here to help. Schedule a free consult with our test prep and accommodations team today.

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