Case Study: Lillie H.

"Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring changed my life!

I'm a (graduated) masters student who has had issues with test anxiety my entire life.

It was showing in my grades and it was holding me back from getting a teaching certification because I had to pass the Praxis II test first, and had failed it five times when I finally reached out to Shana.

Over the course of four months, she met with me once a week and then, later, twice a week to go over the best ways to study, outline, testing strategies, and how to deal with test anxiety.

She even helped with the best strategies for essay writing as well as the best ways to use my time economically (my phone calendar has never been this colorful).

The first change I saw was in my school grades.

If all my classes were based on essays and reading, I'd be an A student, for sure. But that just isn't the case. And so, with all the tests bringing my grades down, I was looking at a lot of C's and B's.

But tutoring with Shana changed that! One of my classes that was completely test based went up from a D to a B!

I used her methods on testing, essays, and scheduling, and the improvement in my grades was dramatic. But I also heeded her scheduling advice and made sure that through all the studying, I still had time for myself.

My classmates were running themselves into the ground, and I was getting great grades and still living my life. I ended the year with four A's and two B's and my sanity!

And after FIVE FAILURES with the Praxis II, I finally passed! She told me when I'd be ready, talked me through mindfulness methods to use on test day, sent me off, and I came back a champion!

These are skills I'll take away with me through life. I'm not the same person since I signed up, and I'm happier for it.

Shana isn't a tutor who'll help you with one test or one class.

She'll give you the means and tools to break through test anxiety for good and live a happier, nerdier, and more academically successful future!

The best part?

As a teacher, I finally get to pass on effective study methods to MY students. I can let students with test anxiety know that I was in the same place not so long ago, and that there are tools they can use to succeed.

I can't wait to make "how to study" a part of my curriculum!"

Written by Lillie H.

If you're ready to tackle your test anxiety head-on like Lillie, schedule a free phone consultation with us today.

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