Find out more about our rigorous ¨class of one¨ experience. 

Our approach to optimizing your test performance was designed to meet the unique learning challenges of our students. You can’t just study material. You can’t just work on your process of elimination technique under pressure. And you can’t just meditate or do breathing exercises. You need to do all three.

Our Integrated Approach Focuses on ALL Areas of Test-Taking Success.  

3 part approach to test prep: content mastery, test strategy, and mental clarity

You can have a library of test material stored in your brain, but without an effective test strategy and test-day focus, it can feel impossible to “check out the right books” during your exam.


Through our years of teaching experience, we have discovered that mastering any test involves mastering not just the content and test strategies, but also having the mental clarity needed to overcome any testing anxiety. 



We'll get to know each other a bit and also review the test you want to take, your deadline and goal (point increase) and any learning challenges. You'll leave with a recommended high-level study plan. 


If you decide to start working with us, the next step is for our experts to recommend the best program based on a comprehensive evaluation of your learning history, testing challenges, and testing goals. We’ll identify the areas that need the most improvement for the biggest score-boosting gains. We'll then come up with a rigorous study plan for you focused on the areas that are most challenging to you.  


Each tutoring appointment is structured just like a real class. You receive a syllabus and course outline focused on content mastery and test strategies. Each class is focused on the guided practice of each lesson. Our workbooks and test materials designed by certified teachers and attorneys and use official test questions. After each class, you are given homework to complete that is focused on independently practicing that lesson. In the following class, we review your homework and mistakes. You won't move on to the next lesson until you've mastered the lesson.  

For LSAT students, you will be provided discounted access to our video-on-demand curriculum, LSAT Boss: The Class, which will provide you with guided recorded lessons for each question type of the exam. 


We are realistic about what it means to perform where you want to and this is why we take mental clarity so seriously. Students with test anxiety, for example, generally underperform by 12%. We have experience working with students with learning disabilities and provide specific coaching for each individual student's needs. 

Shana Ginsburg, Esq., founder and President of Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring


Our instructors are certified teachers, attorneys, and highly-trained tutors with test scores in the top 1 percentile.

Jose Juarez, Premier LSAT Test Prep Tutor

I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help with my LSAT preparation. I just got my October results back and got a 177! 

Suzanne A.   

164 -->  177 LSAT Score

suzanne A. 177 LSAT score

Shana and her team are absolutely phenomenal! I reached out to Shana to pass my high school Praxis Math 5161 exam which I had taken four times. The program started out with a phone call from Shana who calmed me down after my fourth fail and assured me that my problems with test anxiety and failures were normal. Over just three short weeks, my comfort level with the test problems rose and on test day I rocked it. Let's just say that fifth time's the charm.

laura porter passed praxis math 5161 on fifth try

Laura Porter.   

Finally passed Praxis Math!  


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