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A unique approach proven to ensure the  development an authentic application to your dream school


A comprehensive legal service designed to ensure proper submission of your disability support paperwork


A legal service designed to protect you from testing irregularities beyond your control

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    Pay by the hour, or purchase a discounted package of 5, 10, or 25 hours.  Fee waiver, military, and international students receive 10% off all packages. Payment plans are available for all packages. 


    PREMIER TUTORING:             $125/hr  | 5 Hours @119/hr    | 10 Hours @114/hr   | 25 Hours @ 109/hr

    TUTORING WITH SHANA:     $210/hr  | 5 Hours @205/hr    | 10 Hours @200/hr   | 25 Hours @ 190/hr

    What’s included:


    • Initial Diagnostic Evaluation of learning challenges & goals

    • Free Access to Ginsburg Advanced e-textbooks

    • Individualized, flexible programming that moves at your pace

    • Test anxiety management tools that utilize best practices for students learning disabilities and other testing challenges

    • Expert test strategy proven to improve test performance, focus, and anxiety management

    • Expert advice on accessing Top-Tier College, Graduate Programs, and Scholarships

    • *For LSAT Students, 95% Discounted Access to our video-on-demand curriculum LSAT BOSS is provided with all packages.


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    • The service begins with a 1-hour consultation to review all available accommodations that are reasonable for your disability and test-day symptoms, and recommend the set of accommodations that would best meet your needs.

    • We provide “homework” so you can practice uses your accommodations to ensure they help you manage your symptoms appropriately. 

    • Over email, we will then ensure completion of every step of the process, and guide you through your communications with your qualified professional in order to gather evidence of your disability. 

    • We will give you detailed instructions on how to submit documents to LSAC, which we will “clear you” to do once we give your paperwork final approval.

    • The process takes approximately a week to complete if your qualified professional is responsive to your request for documentation, but it can take longer if your provider is very busy or has a particular protocol as to how they disseminate medical records to patients. 

    • We have a 100% success rate helping eligible students with current functional limitations submit accommodations paperwork to the Law School Admissions Counsel, college disability service offices, and Graduate/Law School disability service offices.  

       →  Learn about the LSAT accommodations process in our blog "Why You Should Apply for LSAT Accommodations (If You Are         Eligible)". 

       →  Learn about the law school accommodations process in our blog "Why You Should Apply for Law School Accommodations (If     You Are Eligible)"

    APPEALS: $389

    Appealing Testing Irregularity Complaints |   Appealing LSAC's 3-Test-Limit Policy

    • In the event of testing irregularities due to issues with Proctor U, your proctor, or LSAC, we recommend that you file an internal complaint directly with Proctor U or LSAC. If you would like to submit an official LSAT complaint, you must do so within three calendar days after the date of your test.

    • We assist students whose complaints do not result in being provided a reasonable remedy. In certain severe and egregious cases, we can seek removal of your test administration from your account, request an exception to the three-test limit policy, and request a letter be added to your application noting the irregularities. 

    Questions about your eligibility? Book your free 15-minute consultation today.



    School & Track Selection |  Personal Statement Development  |  Diversity Statements |  Optional Essays | Character & Fitness Addenda

    Our Admissions service begins with a brainstorm of your inspiration and drive for higher education-- the good, bad, and ugly that often compels us to specialize in a particular field, attend a dream school, or advocate for change and social justice.  


    Often, our own family or family's history, or a life-changing event during our formative years, can be the source of inspiration, but we lack the voice and confidence to articulate those thoughts without expert guidance. 

    Our approach to essay and personal statement development ensures that the right questions are asked of you, and answered, in a unique brainstorm that serves as the foundation for all of your application essay requirements. We ensure you’ll have an authentic statement targeted to each school's requirements and your particular area of interest, so that we optimize your chances of accessing high scholarship awards. ​

    Our consulting packages include:

    • A copy of Shana Ginsburg's "How to Write a Unique Personal Statement" (eBook)

    • Dream School and "Best Fit" School selection 

    • Personal statement development, editing, and proofreading for each school

    • Diversity statement development and editing

    • School-specific essay development [AKA The "Why Us" Essay] 

    • Resume editing 

    • Character & Fitness Statement development

    • Application deadline management 

    • Scholarship negotiation 

    • Wait-list decision making & development of Letters of Continuing Interest 

    • Interview Preparation

       →  Learn about the "Good, Bad, and Ugly" Process in "Writing a Unique Personal Statement' (eBook) by Shana Ginsburg 

       →  Learn about The Top 5 Things You Need to Know about law school admissions

       →  Learn the 3 Ways to Develop a Fresh Personal Statement Without Ignoring Your Past

    Ready to get started? Book your 15-minute consultation today. 


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