Writing a Unique Personal Statement (eBook)

Writing a Unique Personal Statement (eBook)

Most selective top colleges and universities are taking a ‘holistic’ or comprehensive approach to reviewing college applications. They’re looking for something besides just cold, hard data. GPAs and test scores are important, but those data points can’t tell colleges about you as an individual.

In holistic review, institutions look beyond the grades and scores to determine academic potential, drive and leadership ability.

Why is this good for the applicant? Because this approach allows for outlier applicants—applicants outside the average data range of GPA and test scores-- to get the consideration for acceptance that they deserve.

So, what are admissions officials looking for in their “holistic review” of your application that makes them think twice about an applicant with low or average GPA and SAT scores? It’s no secret: They are looking for uniqueness, motivation, and leadership.

An applicant who views his or her personal essay as an opportunity to display those three characteristics will get the attention of the admissions officer.

This guide is designed for the self-motivated student who is willing to look deeply at what inspires him or her towards higher education in order to craft a unique personal statement.

Ready? Let’s start writing!


Reviews for Writing a Unique Personal Statement: 


"I applied to many different law schools for the 2016-2017 school year and was unfortunately not accepted into any of them. This year I was accepted into four schools with over $7,500 worth of scholarship offers and I owe it all to Shana and my new personal statement!" -- Jessica C. 


"Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring is probably the reason I got into law school. I had such a hard time getting my LSAT grades up and Shana helped me write an amazing personal statement that would wow the admissions board. It did just that and now I'll be starting law school in the fall. Thanks Shana! You're amazing!" -- Amit R.