Praxis Core Writing Boss

Praxis Core Writing Boss

Teaching is a hard job. Assignments to grade, behaviors to manage, curriculum to prepare. But, those “lightbulb moments” in the eyes of your future students will make all your hard work worth it.


The Praxis Core Writing test is challenging; you must be ready to tackle advanced grammatical concepts, articulate a persuasive argument, and synthesize two sources into an organized essay. It’s true that the best teachers must also be excellent students. In order to prepare for the test, you need to develop test-taking strategies and dedicate time to study. 


With this eBook, you will learn the advanced logical reasoning strategies you’ll need to go beyond basic test preparation for big boosts in your score. This book is designed as a self-study guide for students with a variety of learning styles and will be especially useful for those who struggle with learning challenges. The guide includes a comprehensive review of grammatical concepts, as well as strategies for boosting your score on the multiple choice and essay sections. You will find practice drills, answer keys with full explanations, hyperlinks to different areas of the text, and practical tips for maximizing your score.

Studying the strategies in this guide will improve your knowledge base in grammar and composition as well as test-taking skills. Not only will you succeed on test day, but you can pass along many of these same strategies to your students—no matter their grade level! Consider this eBook a toolbox containing the tools you need to prepare for the next step of your journey towards becoming an educator. 

Study on and study well!



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     I speak English as a second language, and it has been only few years I started learning and speaking English.  I was sometimes frustrated and annoyed with English.  Shana taught me what I needed to know to pass the test. When I first met her, I was not able to write a one page essay. I had to be able to write at least 4-5 paragraph two essays to pass the praxis core writing test. Within a few months of training with her, I was able to write a full page essay, and I passed the writing test. After the writing test, I started studying reading with her. I have never read books in English, so reading was a bigger problem than writing an essay.  She had many different strategies, and she knew what was the right strategy for me to pass the reading test.
    Without her, I would not have been able to pass the tests or it would have taken even longer to pass the tests. I am very happy that I found her. Studying with her was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. - Hwieun 





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