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Praxis Core Writing Boss

SKU: 364215376135191
Teaching  is  a  hard  job.  Assignments  to  grade,  behaviors  to  manage,  curriculum  to  prepare.  But,  those “lightbulb  moments”  in  the  eyes  of  your  future  students  will  make  all  your  hard  work  worth  it. The  Praxis  Core  Writing  test  is  challenging;  you  must  be  ready  to  tackle  advanced  grammatical  concepts, articulate  a  persuasive  argument,  and  synthesize  two  sources  into  an  organized  essay.  It’s  true  that  the best  teachers  must  also  be  excellent  students.  In  order  to  prepare  for  the  test,  you  need  to  develop test-taking  strategies  and  dedicate  time  to  study. With  this  eBook,  you  will  learn  the  advanced  logical  reasoning  strategies  you’ll  need  to  go  beyond  basic test  preparation  for  big  boosts  in  your  score.  This  book  is  designed  as  a  self-study  guide  for  students with  a  variety  of  learning  styles,  and  will  be  especially  useful  for  those  who  struggle  with  learning challenges.  The  guide  includes  a  comprehensive  review  of  grammatical  concepts,  as  well  as  strategies for  boosting  your  score  on  the  multiple  choice  and  essay  sections.  You  will  find  practice  drills,  answer keys  with  full  explanations,  hyperlinks  to  different  areas  of  the  text,  and  practical  tips  for  maximizing your  score. Studying  the  strategies  in  this  guide  will  improve  your  knowledge  base  in  grammar  and  composition  as well  as  test-taking  skills.  Not  only  will  you  succeed  on  test  day,  but  you  can  pass  along  many  of  these same  strategies  to  your  students—no  matter  their  grade  level!Consider  this  eBook  a  toolbox  containing the  tools  you  need  to  prepare  for  the  next  step  of  your  journey  towards  becoming  an  educator. Study  on  and  study  well! 

Written by Shana  R.  Ginsburg,  Esq., a Duke-educated attorney and certified teacher, and edited by Lindsay Zafir, Yale graduate and Praxis Core tutor.

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