How to Apply for LSAT Accommodations Class Recording

How to Apply for LSAT Accommodations Class Recording

 This webinar covers:


1. A comprehensive review of the LSAT Accommodations paperwork: Part I: Candidate Form, Part II: Evidence of Disability, and Part III; Statement of Need


2. Eligibility requirements for accommodations due to ADD/ADHD, Anxiety & Depression, and Vision Impairments


3.  Types of accommodations that can be requested (not just extra time)


4. Documentation requirements for your qualified professional to support your accommodations request 


5. FAQs answered:


1. Is experiencing fear of failure, increased heart rate, or "freezing" on an exam what happens to everyone on test day? 


2. Why is there a stigma around testing accommodations for students with disabilities?


3. I have never been diagnosed with a disability, but I think I might have [ADHD/ Anxiety/ Dyslexia/ Other Disability]. I've been out of school for years. Is it too late for me to be evaluated by a doctor?


4. Isn't it expensive to be evaluated by a doctor for a psychological disorder or learning disability? 


5. Will my law school find out that I took the LSAT with accommodations?


6.  I took the LSAT without accommodations already. Will that hurt my chances of getting accommodations now?


7. Do I have to disclose my disability in my law school application?