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When is the Best Time to Take the LSAT?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Well, future law student, tomorrow is the last day to register for the February 2021 LSAT-Flex, and if you're not yet sure what your test performance will look like, you may be struggling with some very uncomfortable and intrusive thoughts about what your test-day future holds. Often, these thoughts can be exacerbated by listening to other people talk about what you "must" do and when you '"must" take the test to be considered a good candidate. But, the short answer to this question is:

You must test when you're ready, not when your friends are.

Let's suppose you're considering signing up for the February exam, but you're still reviewing Logical Reasoning, haven't touched Reading Comprehension yet, and your Logic Games aren't quite up to par. If you are getting about 14 questions correct per section under timed pressure, and you're shooting for a 150, then sign up for that February exam! But if you're not seeing that magic number, or you're shooting for a score much higher than a 150, maybe you don't need to take the February LSAT. Instead, maybe you need to take your time through your tutoring program and sign up for the April exam instead.

The only thing you actually must do when considering the best test day for you is to be sure that you are taking the test in enough time for your schools to receive your scores before the application deadline. If you're up against that application deadline, and your score doesn't give you at least a 10% chance of acceptance to at least one school you would accept an offer from, then check to see if your schools have spring enrollment, or consider putting law school off by a year. It can be a wise long-term decision to take the time to improve your LSAT score, and with it, your chance of higher scholarship awards.

Best of luck,

Shana Ginsburg

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