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The LSAT BOSS 8-Week Study Schedule

Updated: Feb 9

Yes, you CAN complete LSAT prep in about 2 months! You’re expected to complete bar prep in two months, and that’s like 10 LSATs, so don’t let the LSAT industry fool you.

Proper studying before timed tests, and learning and adhering to effective executive functioning and time management techniques, is the key to your success in every stage of your legal education journey.

Here’s our LSAT BOSS 8-week schedule that our students adhere to. Scheduling in an appropriate time to study your material lesson by lesson, doing practice questions, reviewing your wrong answers, and then taking practice exams, is often half the battle. Sure, the material may be daunting, but what is more daunting is not setting aside the time and patience to learn it.

Once you make that commitment to yourself, it's a lot more manageable. After all, there is a single task ahead to focus on during a pre-determined study block of time. And then another. And another. And eventually, you complete your studying.

I hope this serves you well as you prepare for your next exam! For additional support, check out our live class schedule or premier tutoring services so we can support you as you move through your study schedule.

Feel free to print out our sample schedule and adhere to some practical goal setting and time management.

Study on and study well!

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