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Acing the Law School Interview: 6 Essential Tips for Success

Entering law school is an exciting and challenging time in a student's life, and as a prospective law student, you want to make sure that you are fully prepared for the interview process. This cycle, interview videos have becoming increasingly popular, and many schools are requesting a completed interview as soon as you submit your application. In most cases, schools will develop set of predetermined questions and present you with a handful that have been randomly selected. This is your chance to show off your skills, how you handle challenges, and what ignites your passion for the legal field.

To help you ace your law school interviews, here are six important tips to keep in mind:

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare: Before going into your law school interview, take the time to review standard questions that might be asked and come up with points that you want to provide as answers. Practice your responses to questions such as "Why do you want to study law?" and "What are your career goals?" This will help you feel more confident and articulate during the interview.

2. Take a moment to collect your thoughts: When asked a question, there's no need to immediately respond. Take a few seconds to collect your thoughts and ensure that you have two or three main points that you want to make based on your preparation notes.

3. Maintain eye contact and speak with confidence: Good posture, eye contact, and a confident voice are crucial in making a positive impression. This shows that you are attentive, confident, and ready to engage in meaningful conversation. Note: Give due consideration to your background as it appears on the screen - look professional. If you have a bookshelf behind you, consider the books you want to appear on screen, because they can say a lot about you.

4. Use proper punctuation, even when speaking. When answering questions, make sure to finish your sentences with a period rather than using "and" to link together multiple thoughts. This will help you present yourself as a well-spoken and articulate individual.

5. Stand out in group interviews: If you find yourself in a group interview, don't be afraid to present ideas that set you apart from the other candidates. Distinguish yourself by showcasing your unique accomplishments and ideas that demonstrate your exceptional qualities.

6. Simulate the experience to alleviate anticipatory anxiety about speaking: If you experience performance anxiety or nervousness when speaking in public, don't worry. You can alleviate these feelings by practicing through role-playing and simulating interview scenarios. This will help you feel more familiar with the pressure and confident during your law school interview.

Here are ten common questions that are often asked during law school interviews:

1. When did you know you wanted to go to law school?

2. What area of law interests you the most?

3. What do you hope to achieve with a law degree?

4. What makes you a strong candidate for our law school?

5. How do you handle conflict or pressure?

6. Can you provide an example of a time when you demonstrated leadership skills?

7. What are your career goals after graduating from law school?

8. When did you experienced prejudice or bias, and how did you respond?

9. What sets you apart from other candidates?

10. Can you discuss a legal issue that you feel passionate about?

Remember, even if these specific questions are not asked, having your bullet points prepared will set you up for success. By following these tips and having well-prepared answers, you can approach your law school interviews with confidence and assurance.

For additional assistance, reach out to our admissions specialists to help you prepare for your interview.

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