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Professional, affordable, and results-oriented instruction from the test prep specialists invested in your success. 

Ginsburg Advanced tutors are more than just tutors.


We are attorneys, certified teachers, 99% test takers, and Ivy-league tutors who are uniquely trained in the Ginsburg method of teaching. We all share a passion for helping students with learning challenges overcome obstacles to higher education.


We specialize in working with top and bottom 25th percentile test takers with test anxiety and learning disabilities by teaching you how to perfect your behavior on test day-- after all, you cannot expect perfect scores without perfect behavior (concentration, patience, and perseverance under pressure.)


Our tutors are trained to ensure your mastery of your test content, expert test strategy, and application of our proven anxiety management techniques.  Get ready to study and test like a professional.

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My name is Shana Ginsburg, Esq., Founder and President of Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring. I received a BA in Public Policy and English, and a teaching certification, from Duke University. I worked as a high school English teacher before attending University of Maryland School Law to study school law and trial advocacy. During my entire academic and professional career, I have tutored students who under-perform on standardized tests, helping students in the bottom and top percentiles to overcome anxiety-inducing obstacles to their test success.


I have a 100% success rate in helping eligible students receive disability accommodations,  improving test scores, and increasing chances of acceptances and scholarship awards from top-tier institutions. I have helped students with disabilities gain acceptance to Harvard, Georgetown, Columbia, UNC-Chapel Hill, and other top programs across the United States. 

Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring combines my love of tutoring, teaching and law, and is my way of improving the test preparation industry for students who are too often shamed or ignored. 

I graduated from GW Law School in 2016 and I'm a recently licensed attorney in Washington, D.C. I love tutoring because as a first generation attorney, I understand the difficulties of navigating through standardized exams and the importance of an understanding tutor and mentor to help along the way.


During law school, I participated in the school's mentorship program and tutored students in several courses. Prior to law school, I taught at Better World Foundation, an Egyptian organization that offered free English classes in poverty stricken areas. Through these experiences, I have learned how to tutor students with varied backgrounds and learning styles.   

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Hello, my name is David and I love using numbers (math/statistics/computer simulation, etc.) to understand social events. This means I have to understand both the subject matter being examined and the techniques used for the examination, which is the reason for my expertise in both the social sciences and in mathematics. I am quite willing to work outside the box when it helps students understand the material, such as using a bicycle wheel to explain sine waves or Legos to improve reading comprehension.


I have earned Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Advanced Professional Teaching Certification and Highly Qualified status in the following areas: Generic Special Education (6th grade-Adult), Mathematics (7-12), Political Science (7-12), and Reading Teacher.  I was awarded the ETS Recognition of Excellence for earning 200 (out of 200) on the Social Studies Content Knowledge PRAXIS.  At the time, Political Science and Social Studies required the same PRAXIS test. I have a dual BA in European Studies and German from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, PA and an MA in Political Science/International Relations from the University of Florida (UF).


In 2012 I accepted my first paid tutoring job and have tutored from Algebra I through AP Calculus to college level general mathematics and SAT prep.  In addition, my unpaid tutoring includes Introductory Statistics, Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Categorical Data Analysis (all at the graduate level) and Operations Research at the undergraduate level. I have been teacher of record for reading classes (6-12), Math (6, 7), Introduction to Math (pre-Algebra), Algebra I, Geometry, pre-Calculus, and National, State & Local Government.This total of 11 years’ experience in classrooms requiring MSDE Certification includes seven in classes designed for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) learning at grade level. This experience ranges from inner city public school to wealthy suburban public school to non-public special education facility.  At UF I was a Teaching Assistant for undergraduate International Relations and American Government classes. I look forward to helping you achieve your education goals.



I'm a graduate from University of Calgary with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2011. Been working in the industry close to 10 years and progressed my career in various different roles and industries. I learned the importance of tutoring at a young age when I needed a tutor. It helped me with my learning abilities and how to process my learning curve in different ways. The importance of a mentor was key for me.


During my studies in Engineering, I had the ability to teach individuals who had difficult times in courses that I had taken in the past. It was very rewarding knowing that I could help my fellow Engineers. I look forward to helping you to the best of my abilities! 



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My name is Kelly Wong and I recently graduated from Cornell University where I majored in Biology and Chemistry and minored in Mathematics and Business. Through my various courses, I have enjoyed finding new ways to tackle problems and working with peers. 


During college I was an organic chemistry teaching assistant for CHAMPS, a program in Cornell’s chemistry department that helps prepare traditionally underrepresented students for STEM courses. Through this experience I was able to tutor students of various backgrounds and levels and tailored my approach to each individual’s unique learning style. 


I look forward to helping you on your educational journey!




Hey :) I'm Todd and I recently graduated from Emory University, where I studied History with a concentration in Latin America and the Non-Western World. Growing up, I regularly tutored my siblings and helped them overcome the emotional and mental blocks related to standardized testing. In college, I was an ESL (English as a second language) tutor for refugees and children of immigrants in Atlanta. As a tutor, I value honesty, humor, and patience.


I'm an aspiring playwright and I love nature, the art of drag, and performance of all types. I incorporate mindfulness in my life through meditation, yoga, and decreasing screen time.


I'd love to help you hone your potential. Let's do this.



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I am Jose Daniel Juarez, a graduate of Stanford University (class of 2012) and GW Law School (class of 2016), and a licensed attorney in both D.C. and Maryland. I was primarily in private practice until transitioning to the public service in 2020. I hope to use my more regular schedule to assist aspiring law students navigate through the obstacles surrounding standardized exams such as the LSAT.


As the first person from an immigrant family to attend law school, my path to becoming an attorney was difficult as I had to learn every step without the benefit of any older mentors. However, I hope to use my own experiences to help the next generation of law students succeed by guiding them through the obstacles I once faced.  



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I graduated with a BA in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017, and I am a Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring alum who scored a 177 on the LSAT. I am passionate about the LSAT because of the amount I learned studying for the test, and I tutor because I understand how stressful testing can be without the right support. 


In college, I volunteered in high schools in Philadelphia, leading enrichment activities in the classroom and tutoring. Since graduating, I have led classes on a variety of topics from mindfulness to advance care planning for adults, and teach whole wellness classes for middle school students. Through these experiences, I have learned to work with many different types of learners across many settings and topics, and I am excited to help you tackle the LSAT! 




I graduated from Towson University in 2020 with a dual bachelors in Elementary and Special education. I am currently a Special Educator (kindergarten and second grade) in Harford County Public Schools. As an individual with multiple disabilities that impacted my educational experience, I understand the different forms of anxiety that can come with standardized testing. I also understand the difference a supportive tutor or mentor can make while working towards taking a standardized test.


As an Elementary Special Educator, I believe patience and understanding for my students is the key to supporting them in the way they need. I have experience working with students who have learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, down syndrome and autism with that said I understand and love how we all learn differently. My goal is to help students learn in a way that best fits them as an individual.