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My name is Shana Ginsburg, Esq., Founder and President of Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring. I received a BA in Public Policy and English, and a teaching certification, from Duke University. I worked as a high school English teacher before attending University of Maryland School Law to study school law and trial advocacy. During my entire academic and professional career, I have tutored standardized tests, helping students in the bottom and top percentiles to overcome anxiety-inducing obstacles to their test success.

Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring combines my love of tutoring, teaching and law. At Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring, our approach is individualized, strategic, and professional: First, you meet with an initial evaluator to diagnose your test taking weaknesses and establish your study plan, and then we guide you through your individualized plan with weekly tutoring and homework that targets your specific weaknesses.


I am a PhD candidate in U.S. and South African history at Yale University with extensive experience teaching and tutoring students from a variety of backgrounds and ages. Since the fall of 2015, I have worked as a teaching fellow, helping Yale undergraduates understand course readings and lectures as well as develop their own academic essays through discussion sections and one-on-one meetings. Before graduate school, I volunteered as an SAT preparation and college admissions tutor for low-income high school students in Brooklyn, NY, and worked as an elementary school reading and math tutor.

Through these diverse teaching and tutoring experiences, I have learned how to communicate complex ideas and information in a simple manner, and to tailor my lessons to the abilities and learning styles of a variety of students. Moreover, as someone who struggled on standardized tests until I learned how to break them down and memorize the simple tricks I needed to succeed, I know how important clear and consistent tutoring is, especially when a student struggles with anxiety or other learning difficulties. In addition to my teaching and tutoring experience, I have nine years of professional work experience, at the Mayor's Office of the City of New York and with Local 33-Unite Here!, and am skilled at career counseling and interview preparation.


Hi, I’m Ren. I am a mechanical engineering graduate from University of Maryland, College Park, where I attended due to a full Presidential Scholarship. I received a perfect score on my Math SATs, and, even though I studed engineering, I also love writing and originally entered UMD as a journalism student.

I love mentoring people and have experience as a coach for Allied Track, a program for high school students with special needs to compete in track and field events. I also used to volunteer with Team River Runner, a program to help veterans wounded in combat with rehabilitation through kayaking. I look forward to helping you make massive gains on your SAT exam!


I graduated from GW Law School in 2016 and I'm a recently licensed attorney in Washington, D.C. I love tutoring because as a first generation attorney, I understand the difficulties of navigating through standardized exams and the importance of an understanding tutor and mentor to help along the way.

During law school, I participated in the school's mentorship program and tutored students in several courses. Prior to law school, I taught at Better World Foundation, an Egyptian organization that offered free English classes in poverty stricken areas. Through these experiences, I have learned how to tutor students with varied backgrounds and learning styles.   


Paul Nguyen is currently a rising 3L at the University of Minnesota Law School and recipient of the Dean’s Distinguished Scholarship. At the University of Minnesota Law School, Paul is a zealous advocate for public interest and pro-bono activities, and is an active member of the Minnesota Justice Foundation (MJF) Student Chapter, for which he served as a 1L Representative and will be serving as the incoming Vice-President. He is also currently serving as the Co-Chair of the Silent Auction Committee, responsible for planning and executing the Silent Auction fundraising event for MJF's PIC grant, as well as participating in the Public Interest Committee. Paul is an active voting board member of University of Minnesota student chapter of the American Constitution Society, as well as a member of the Litigation and Trial Advocacy Group. He is interested in exploring the area of estate, real estate, corporate, and international law. 

Before attending law school, Paul was a proud Virginia Tech Hokie and alum of Ginsburg Advanced, where he also helped developed the logical reasoning strategy guide now used by all Ginsburg Advanced LSAT students.

In his free time, Paul is an avid traveler, hiker, camper, and soccer fan. As a passionate lifelong learner, he also spends time exploring and acquiring knowledge on new topics, as well as perfecting his skill as a amateur home cook and pianist, and maintaining a growing investment portfolio.


Hi, I''m Greg!  I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics from University of Maryland, College Park in 2005, with a citation in the Arts.  I enjoy exploring, discussing and teaching the intersections of logic and art, specifically math and music- and pride myself on being able to use those connections to teach anybody, no matter what age, skill level, or background.  In other words, I enjoy chasing the “a-ha” moment! Originally from Bordeaux, Washington D.C. was where I became an in demand math tutor and music teacher at the recognized Washington International School, where my French-speaking was valuable. Additionally, for years I served as the senior artist-in-residence for a non profit organization called MusiCorps: a conservatory level music program at Walter Reed designed specifically for severely injured veterans, dubbed “revolutionary” by The Wall Street Journal.  I currently live in Los Angeles, California when I am not touring with The Red Not Chili Peppers.


Hey, my name is Michael, and I’m a graduate student at the University of Maryland College Park.  I’m in the process of moving into public policy, specifically international security and economic policy, from my undergraduate concentrations in bioengineering and neurobiology.  I’ve always wanted to make this transition from physical to social sciences since I love to discuss topics in economics, history, and culture. I value the ability to understand topics in new ways, from the chemical interactions to the large scale societal forces that shape events and trends.  I greatly enjoy teaching and mentoring students to understand the big and small concepts that affect our lives.

Outside my classes, I have conducted research in election system cybersecurity, plant genetic engineering, and disease detection.  I used to volunteer as an HIV prevention counselor and STI screener at a local clinic in Washington, D.C. I’m involved with leadership mentoring and teaching for middle and high school students at Maryland Leadership Workshops, Inc.


Hello! My name is Noy and I am so excited to guide you through your studies. I am currently student teaching in the process of earning my Elementary Education B.S. at Towson University. I work with students one-on-one to ensure that the content is grasped. In addition, I teach in a hands-on method making sure that the student is actively involved within each session. I can’t wait to meet you!


Hello, my name is David and I love using numbers (math/statistics/computer simulation, etc.) to understand social events. This means I have to understand both the subject matter being examined and the techniques used for the examination, which is the reason for my expertise in both the social sciences and in mathematics. I am quite willing to work outside the box when it helps students understand the material, such as using a bicycle wheel to explain sine waves or Legos to improve reading comprehension.


I have earned Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Advanced Professional Teaching Certification and Highly Qualified status in the following areas: Generic Special Education (6th grade-Adult), Mathematics (7-12), Political Science (7-12), and Reading Teacher.  I was awarded the ETS Recognition of Excellence for earning 200 (out of 200) on the Social Studies Content Knowledge PRAXIS.  At the time, Political Science and Social Studies required the same PRAXIS test. I have a dual BA in European Studies and German from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, PA and an MA in Political Science/International Relations from the University of Florida (UF).


In 2012 I accepted my first paid tutoring job and have tutored from Algebra I through AP Calculus to college level general mathematics and SAT prep.  In addition, my unpaid tutoring includes Introductory Statistics, Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Categorical Data Analysis (all at the graduate level) and Operations Research at the undergraduate level. I have been teacher of record for reading classes (6-12), Math (6, 7), Introduction to Math (pre-Algebra), Algebra I, Geometry, pre-Calculus, and National, State & Local Government.This total of 11 years’ experience in classrooms requiring MSDE Certification includes seven in classes designed for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) learning at grade level. This experience ranges from inner city public school to wealthy suburban public school to non-public special education facility.  At UF I was a Teaching Assistant for undergraduate International Relations and American Government classes. I look forward to helping you achieve your education goals.


My name is Chloe Picchio, and I’m a recent graduate of Barnard College—where I majored in religion with an emphasis on human rights—and Columbia Journalism School. As someone with a visual disability who received accommodations for testing, I’ve experienced the fear of the unknown the SAT or ACT can cause.  Overcoming my anxieties and succeeding both in standardized testing and academics changed my outlook on life. It also led me to tutoring. Being able to help others who may feel “out of place” in a rigorous academic environment has become a consistent undercurrent in my work. While studying for my degrees, I ran a side business teaching non-native English speakers and STEM-focused students how to write on a collegiate level. As of December 2018, I turned into a full-time tutor. Although my area of expertise is typically humanities-based, my background in journalism allows me to pick up new topics quickly. Instead of potential problems, I see puzzles waiting to be solved. Let’s solve test prep together!


My name is Michael Mandel.  I have a B.S. in Physics and Astronomy, minor in Chemistry from Beloit College, as well as about two years of graduate work including some time in an Applied Science Engineering program at UC Davis.  I also did research that was published, in the area of fluid dynamics.  I have a broad background in the sciences and applied mathematics, and I am passionate about learning and teaching, and my students often tell me that when I teach they feel as excited as I do about the subjects.  I love to find relatable examples from my students, and to enable the learning I know they are capable of with diligent effort.  Every student has their strengths and weaknesses, I believe that every student has the ability to succeed with the right strategy and hard work.  A favorite saying goes, "ad astra per aspera:" through hard work, to the stars.

I have a peaceful and easy style, and I work hard to help my students feel confident and prepared.  I have mostly specialized in tutoring math and science, but I have also tutored Psychology, History, Economics, and foreign language.  I've taught all age groups, from adult to kindergarten: whatever difficulties my students have we always find ways for them to achieve their goals.  They say that when you encounter a problem you can’t move past, you must break it down into small enough problems that they can be solved each in turn.  Let's break down those problems and solve them together, I can't wait to meet you and get started!

Annabella Waszkiewicz

Hi there, I'm Annabella. I'm a graduate of Parsons School of Design, and I'm currently pursuing my J.D. I went through the LSAT process very recently and I know how stressful it can get, so I'm here to provide advice to future high-scorers! As a first-gen law student, I know this process can be daunting, and I want to provide the support and guidance I wish I had when I began this journey.


Designers are taught to tackle problems from every angle imaginable. I've brought those design skills to my tutoring practice, because I know that learning is a very personal and individualized process. I love getting to know my students and designing creative and personalized ways to target the areas that they need to focus on. 


I'm also a competitive ballroom dancer, and my experiences as an athlete have taught me ways to combat test-day anxiety. I've taught people how to dance since 2015, and through a fun, low-stress teaching style I've helped many students overcome their "two left feet." I apply this same spirit of fun into my LSAT tutoring.


I look forward to meeting you and sharing this journey with you. Let's conquer the LSAT together!


Greetings! My name is Diavion Beckford and I am a pre-med student at Howard University. Although I major in biology and minor in chemistry, I’ve never lost my love for creativity and the arts. I love combining my various interests and using different approaches to tackling students’ needs. 


My experience teaching students started when I was in the classroom. As a high schooler, I found myself constantly helping my fellow classmates and children in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY. I grew to recognize that quality education is a right and not a privilege. Each person deserves access to a type of education that best supports them. Through working at Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring, I’ve had the opportunity to combine my love of learning with my desire to provide educational opportunities to everyone I meet. Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring is one of a select few organizations that match my passion for equity in education access and I am confident that this sort of passion will dramatically improve the learning experience of every student that encounters it. 


As a fine arts master's candidate at Columbia University, as well as being an experienced writer, editor, and teacher, I believe the first step in creating a conducive learning environment is to necessitate a safe space for writing practice. I aim to be an open and communicative tutor, ensuring students at all levels feel comfortable to seek explanation, explore their individual passions, and permit themselves the internal confidence to pursue, and experiment with, language as a written medium. In my role as a reading and writing specialist at Ginsburg, my foremost responsibility is to support students as they overcome their academic anxieties with test-taking techniques that will help form and organize critical ideas, refine language, and outline how and what they wish to express with strategic purpose.


Hi! My name is Jonathan Yasmeh and I am a lifelong Los Angeles resident. I received a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an M.S. in Global Medicine from the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC). I have extensive teaching and tutoring experience, as a former K-12 tutor at an educational center and an instructor at a community college. Not only would I be happy to help with your specific classes, but I would love to also assist you in preparing for standardized tests and the college admissions process.


I have conducted nearly six years of research in both neurodevelopment and neuropsychiatry, studying the biochemical processes that contribute to highly specific neuronal synapses and investigating the genetic contributions of psychiatric disorders using neuroanatomical markers, respectively. Further, I have been in or around the clinical setting for as long as I can remember, as a quality improvement fellow at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and shadowing various physicians and clinicians.


On a non-academic note, I am incredibly passionate about theater, sports, and international affairs. I am a big fan of the outdoors and do my best to stay active. I spend the rest of my time keeping in touch with friends and helping others. So, if you tend to be a bit shy and reserved at first, I am typically great at encouraging communication and can definitely help you get out of your shell. At the end of the day, I hope to be not just a tutor but a true friend!


I'm a graduate from University of Calgary with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2011. Been working in the industry close to 10 years and progressed my career in various different roles and industries. I learned the importance of tutoring at a young age when I needed a tutor. It helped me with my learning abilities and how to process my learning curve in different ways. The importance of a mentor was key for me.


During my studies in Engineering, I had the ability to teach individuals who had difficult times in courses that I had taken in the past. It was very rewarding knowing that I could help my fellow Engineers. I look forward to helping you to the best of my abilities!