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Our test prep program for the GRE is an individualized and affordable way to work with a test prep professional who can ensure that you learn how to perform at your best on test day. Our unique three-part approach is guaranteed to make you feel more confident on test day, through a rigorous curriculum of content mastery, meta-cognitive test strategy, and lessons on how to minimize test anxiety and improve test-day mental clarity.


How We Work

We begin with a 4-part diagnostic of your Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis skills. Any weak areas are treated with rigorous homework assignments before proceeding through the advanced GRE Material in the Office GRE Superpack.  There, we will begin with Arithmetic - a complete review of the exercises in the Official GRE guide, followed by homework: the multiple-choice questions found in the Official GRE Guide and the GRE Quantitative Reasoning Guide.  Again, weak areas are treated with additional homework review on those topics before proceedings. This usually takes 2-3 hours.


Part II is Algebra. We will do a complete review of the Algebra exercises in the Official GRE guide, followed by homework - the multiple-choice questions found in the Official GRE Guide and the GRE Quantitative Reasoning Guide.  Again, weak areas are treated with additional homework review on those topics before proceedings. This usually takes 3-4 hours.


Part III is Geometry.  Same as Algebra - 3-4 hours.


Part IV is Data and Statistics. Same as Arithmetic - 3-4 hours.


Just like a traditional class, lessons with Shana or one of our premier GRE tutors begin with guided instruction--  reviewing/teaching topics in each of these four sessions-- followed by independent practice to assess understanding before assigning the week's homework.  This allows us to maintain our 100% success rate on score improvement.  


If you'd like to purchase a 10-hr package but determine you need additional hours, you are able to pay per session at your discounted package rate until you're ready to take your exam.

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Approach test day with more confidence! Our students send their personal bests to colleges knowing that they've optimized their score potential and test-day performance.

Free GRE General Test Information

General information about the test sections, and samples questions with explanations, from the people who brought you the GRE: 

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Success Stories

¨I worked with Shana for about a month while preparing for the GRE. I really enjoyed working with her - we were able to improve my performance on the verbal portion of the test, which was our area of focus, and also help combat some of the test anxiety issues


I have struggled with for years. I would definitely recommend Shana to those looking for a smart, compassionate test prep instructor.¨


--Micah R.

¨I've worked with Shana on the GRE for close to a year. She did an amazing job prepping me for the exam and assisting me with my applications.


When anxiety kicked in, she was there to help me learn to cope with it and still be able to focus. Amazing results got me into the school I was aiming for. Thank you Shana!!¨

--Joseph G.



The GRE is hard, but studying for it can be easy when you're working with certified teachers and testing professionals.


When I studied at Duke University, our motto was "work hard, play hard," and that spirit is what I bring to our test prep plans. Working with our team means learning how use expert test strategies and techniques to optimize your test-day performance. and to do so in a positive, calm and focused state of mind.


Specially designed for students with learning challenges and test anxiety, our instructors are trained to teach you the complexities of the exam in anxiety-free, easy-to-follow, structured lessons. You'll get rigorous homework assignments targeted to your weaknesses, because that's how we can be sure you'll mastering what we're teaching you. 

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