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Virtual 1-on-1 test prep and tutoring available worldwide.


Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring promotes the inclusion and support of special education students in test preparation, admissions, and all aspects of  life.

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Our curriculum, strategy guides and workbooks are designed by certified teachers and test prep experts who provide private tutoring sessions on all questions types of the exam, and targeted on homework assignments and practice questions on all components of the exam.

100% success rate improving student scores on the ACT/SAT exams.

What can make college admissions exams especially challenging is that the pressure of the exam can create anxiety for students, which can in turn cause drops in test scores that don’t reflect a test taker's potential. Here at Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring we have a 100% success rate improving student scores on the ACT/SAT exams. We do so with our rigorous yet anxiety-free curriculum, and our expert instruction.

"I got a 1500 on my SAT. Thank you so much!" -Ava


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