Content Mastery + Test Strategy + Mental Clarity

Our test prep tutoring is designed to serve as comprehensive test prep for students with test anxiety, learning disabilities, or multiple test failures.

We guide you through each question type of your exam until you’re ready to engage in rigorous pacing drills and apply test anxiety-relief techniques.

Our individualized tutoring programs begin with an initial diagnostic evaluation to assess your learning and test-preparation needs.  We create a customized program that targets your content and strategy weaknesses, and accounts for your educational history and learning challenges. 

Backed by official test-preparation materials, advanced strategic teaching methods, and proven anxiety relief techniques, our dynamic and engaging approach to tutoring provides the necessary, intensive preparation you need to test at your best. 

All study plans included strategy guides and workbooks, access to official practice questions, personalized homework assignments geared towards your weaknesses, and consultation on everything from which test date to select and which schools to apply for, to how to get the best scholarships.