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Today’s tutoring landscape offers you many choices, but affords you little assurance that the support your are receiving will allow you to perform at your personal best. At Ginsburg Advanced, our faculty knows that your educational success and financial resources are precious, and so is your confidence in your abilities and your investment.  We are passionately committed to offering our students customized, anxiety-reducing academic support. Schedule your appointment today with any of our faculty members below.



Shana Ginsburg, Esq.

English Language & Literature; Law

Our founder is a Certified American Literature Teacher and Special Education Attorney with over 20+ years of tutoring experience.

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David Conklin


Mr. Conklin is a veteran math teacher of  Montgomery County and Baltimore City Public Schools with 20+ years teaching all levels of math.

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Lindsay Zafir

English Language & Writing

Ms. Zafir is a graduate of Yale University and the editor of our Praxis, GRE, SAT, ACT and LSAT study guies. 

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Greg Loman


Mr. Loman is a veteran math tutoring professional with over 15 years of experience teaching all levels of high school mathematics.

Chloe Picchio

English Language & Writing

Ms. Picchio is a graduate of Columbia University and specializes in teaching writing skills to students studying in STEM programs.

Writing in the Humanities for Prospective STEM Majors
First class: Monday 3/30 @2:00pm EDT
with Ms. Picchio
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We offer a range of plans and pricing options, depending on your budget. Please visit our pricing page here.


For students who are unable to attend their regular school of enrollment due to a physical or emotional condition for reasons set forth in Maryland law, we provide in-home or online tutoring to complement the services provided through a Home and Hospital Teaching Program or Interim Instructional Services (IIS) due to any of the following: Physical illness or disability, Emotional crisis (including substance abuse), Pregnancy Concurrent Enrollment or Chronic Illness (CHIP). 

Note: Supplemental interim support services are provided in 60-day increments to ensure that

your interim instruction has been reverified by your child’s school system.

Looking for help passing the GED? 

If you are looking to get support in any of the four areas of the GED exam, check out our GED test prep page. We offer personalized, affordable test prep plans based on your needs and testing difficulties. We specialize in supporting students with anxiety, ADHD and other special learning circumstances that test with accomodations. 


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